Sunday, September 11

Sweaty Romance - Mr. Rogers Productions

Here is the latest huge party mix from Mr. Rogers Productions. It features David Guetta and Afrojack's "Sweat" remix, along with a whole slew of other artists such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Twista, Enrique Iglesias, Fatman Scoop, Ariez Onasis, Soulja Boy, Roscoe Dash, Rick Ross, Ludacris and Major Lazer. Enjoy!

Sweaty Romance: Download

Tuesday, July 19

Waka A La Playa - Mr. Rogers Productions

Here is a new mashup I dropped a little while ago in celebration of reaching 550 fans on Facebook. This is a mashup between Loona's "Vamos A La Playa" and Waka Flocka Flame's "No Hands." The beat is heavily remixed by yours truly, so much so that the beat during the verses is completely original production. Download and enjoy the song below and video above, the next song is coming when the Facebook page reaches 700 fans. Enjoy!

Waka A La Playa (Waka Flocka vs. Loona (MRP Remixed beat)): Download

Tuesday, June 28

Kiss Me Slowly (Prod. by Mr. Rogers Productions) - 90's Finest

Mr. Rogers Productions flips a sample of Parachute's "Kiss Me Slowly" for this beat, while 90's Finest provides the vocals. Enjoy

Kiss Me Slowly (Prod. by Mr. Rogers Productions) - 90's Finest: Download

Mr. Rogers Productions Single Releases

New music from Mr. Rogers Productions, more sample-driven mashups. These are all of the singles he has released since dropping "Songs from the Neighborhood." He will release his next mashup when he reaches 550 fans on his Facebook fan page.

Mean Forever (Drake vs. Taylor Swift): Download

Let Airplanes Be (B.o.B vs. The Beatles): Download

Nas Believes (Nas vs. Oasis): Download

A Thousand Mile Trip (Trina/Lil' Wayne vs. Vanessa Carleton): Download

Hook Ups Make It Hot (Wiz Khalifa vs. Kelly Clarkson): Download

Welcome to the Magic Carpet Ride (Jermaine Dupri/Ludacris vs. Steppenwolf): Download

Thursday, March 10

Mr. Rogers Productions - Songs from the Neighborhood

Mr. Rogers' third mixtape album, Songs from the Neighborhood, is finally here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

Songs from the Neighborhood (Mixtape): Download

Thursday, February 24

Mr. Rogers Productions - Unconditionally Over

Drake vs. The Bravery. This is the first of several songs that I will be releasing that got cut from the final Songs from the Neighborhood tracklist, of which I will release one a day up until the mixtape's release on March 3rd. Enjoy!

Unconditionally Over: Download
Unconditionally Over - Mr. Rogers Productions by 259productionsmusic

Friday, February 18

Mr. Rogers Productions - Ghosts N Lights

Deadmau5/Nero vs. Ellie Goulding vs. Eminem vs. Young Money

This is the final leak off of Mr. Rogers Productions' upcoming mixtape, "Songs from the Neighborhood" which will drop on March 3rd. Starting February 24th, Mr. Rogers will by releasing unreleased mashups exclusively via his Facebook page once every day until the mixtape drops. These will be tracks that he originally made for SFTN, but eventually cut from the final tracklist. Download and enjoy!

Ghosts N Lights: Download

Ghosts N Lights - Mr. Rogers Productions by 259productionsmusic