Songs from the Neighborhood - Mr. Rogers Productions
Mr. Rogers Productions third mixtape, featuring "Ghosts N Lights" and "Still So Vain in the Club."
"We have been following the rise of Mr. Rogers for a minute now and he has yet to disappoint. This most recent project “Songs from the Neighborhood,” features a plethora of sounds harnessed from genres ranging from electro to 90′s rap." - FreshNewTracks.com
"It’s really fun, and feature really solid production. It’s clear that this isn’t just a bunch of songs put together. Each song was chosen carefully and the final result sounds excellent." - DecentlyDope.com
Songs from the Neighborhood: Download

The Neighborhood: Revisited - Mr. Rogers Productions
Mr. Rogers Productions second mixtape, featuring "TiK ToK BOOM!" and "Hip Hop Symphony."
"For those of you who are looking for a mixtape to run your party for the weekend, check out Mr. Roger’s latest release" - FreshNewTracks.com
"Mr. Rogers Productions is also an extremely underrated mashup artist, he has put out a lot of dope tracks" - DirtyMexicanLemonade.com
The Neighborhood: Revisited: Download

Preliminary Waves - Timbo Slice
Timbo Slice's debut mixtape featuring "Ghetto Porcelain" and "Designing Low Skylines."
Preliminary Waves: Download

Welcome to the Neighborhood - Mr. Rogers Productions
Mr. Rogers Productions debut mixtape featuring "Let My Love Make You Hot" and "We Own A Milli."
"Mr. Rogers debut mixtape 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' features some really unique, and tasteful mashups and is definitely worth a look." - FreshNewTracks.com
"Mr. Rogers Productions, who recently put out an awesome mashup mixtape, Welcome To The Neighborhood. Mostly just 2 or 3 songs mixed together but still really good mashups with some not-so-expected songs being mixed." - BeforeBigs.com
Welcome to the Neighborhood: Download