Thursday, February 24

Mr. Rogers Productions - Unconditionally Over

Drake vs. The Bravery. This is the first of several songs that I will be releasing that got cut from the final Songs from the Neighborhood tracklist, of which I will release one a day up until the mixtape's release on March 3rd. Enjoy!

Unconditionally Over: Download
Unconditionally Over - Mr. Rogers Productions by 259productionsmusic

Friday, February 18

Mr. Rogers Productions - Ghosts N Lights

Deadmau5/Nero vs. Ellie Goulding vs. Eminem vs. Young Money

This is the final leak off of Mr. Rogers Productions' upcoming mixtape, "Songs from the Neighborhood" which will drop on March 3rd. Starting February 24th, Mr. Rogers will by releasing unreleased mashups exclusively via his Facebook page once every day until the mixtape drops. These will be tracks that he originally made for SFTN, but eventually cut from the final tracklist. Download and enjoy!

Ghosts N Lights: Download

Ghosts N Lights - Mr. Rogers Productions by 259productionsmusic

Monday, February 7

2manyazns - Weezestep

Another new mashup from 2manyazns, mixing Lil' Wayne's A Milli, Ultrablack (Excision Remix) by Bear Trap and finally the Datsik and Excision A Milli Remix. Download and enjoy

Weezestep: Download

Weezestep by 2manyazns

Wednesday, February 2

2manyazns - Future Bodies

A new self-categorized "future sound" track from 2manyazns, and a cut from an upcoming DJ set. Check it out and downlooaadd dat shiitt

Future Bodies: Download

Future Bodies by 2manyazns

Timbo Slice - Portugese

A nicee new electro mix from Timbo Slice, mixing an extensive list:
Dirty Talk - Wynter Gordon
Dirty Talk (Laidback Luke Remix) - Wynter Gordon
Brazil (Sonaris Club Remix) - Deadmau5
Ghostbusters (Mi Key Remix) - Ray Jay Parker
I'll Do You Like a Truck - Geo Da Silva
Portugese: Download

Portuguese - TimboSlice by TimboSlice259

Timbo Slice - All About Insanity

A fresh new single from Lincoln's own mashup-artist Timbo Slice featuring C-Side, Twista and Ludacris. Enjoy!

All About Insanity: Download

All About Insanity - TimboSlice by TimboSlice259

Mr. Rogers Productions - Fiddy No Speak Americano

Newest track from Mr. Rogers. One of the tracks cut from the upcoming "Songs from the Neighborhood" tracklist. Disco Inferno vs. We No Speak Americano

Fiddy No Speak Americano (50 Cent vs. Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup): Download

Fiddy No Speak Americano by 259productionsmusic

Songs from the Neighborhood Leaks

Four songs Mr. Rogers Productions has leaked from his upcoming mixtape, "Songs from the Neighborhood."

Call On Me If You Wanna Jam (Tag Team vs. Space Jam vs. Eric Prydz): Download

Still So Vain in the Club (2Pac vs. Usher vs. Carly Simon): Download

Testify to the Kids (Kanye West vs. MGMT): Download

Time To Be On Your Grind (Wiz Khalifa vs. MGMT): Download

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